The Journey Continues: July 26, 2018

Last Saturday when my family had its final reunion dinner at our home I wrote about God wanting me to express to them about His compassion.  Yesterday He gave me a dose of it.  Kathy and I have good friends whose anniversary is the same day as Kathy’s birthday–July 23.  We went to dinner with them last night to celebrate all of this.  In so doing they also gave me a card and gift as mine is July 1.  The card was striking.  It was a Max Lucado quote:  “There is something in you that God loves.  Not just appreciates or approves, but loves.  You cause His eyes to widen, His heart to beat faster, He loves you.  And–He accepts you.”

This came on the heels of a couple days of anxiety over getting the recovery ministry groups up and running.  They included with the card a book entitled, The Way of Abundance.  In the introduction of this book it says that the turmoil of our lives causes spiritual friction.  God uses this friction to cause the spiritual Light He wants others to see.  This was the reminder and good news I needed to confirm I’m on track with God in the recovery work we are doing.  More selfishly and importantly is that I am the one God wants involved in it.  God is literally using the friction of strife Satan wants to create as Light for others.  Yes, Satan wants me to believe I’m not fit and that I’m unworthy but this contradicts God’s scriptural promises that I will continue to embrace.

This morning God has been reinforcing in me that we are on track together.  He is not only a compassionate God, He is Mighty to Save.  He wants others lost in the torment of their past to see His Light shining from the torment that has now been turned into His Message of Light for all to see.  Let His Light so Shine!

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