The Journey Continues: Aug. 2, 2018

Kathy and I are in Leavenworth, WA with the folks I mentioned yesterday.  Last night we saw the Sound of Music in an open theater setting and tonight we see My Fair Lady.  This is the fun part along with all the folks we are sharing the opportunity with.  The setting is beautiful being in the mountains of the Cascades nearing Mt. Rainer.

Today’s devotions led me down a path God was very intentional about.  This was the path of brokenness.  Each of my devotionals and my Bible reading all had this pointed focus.  However, it wasn’t just being broken.  This path of brokenness is purposely to show us God’s Light in it when we quit hiding it and allow God to have His entire Way in using it.  Today He is emphasizing my need to fully trust Him in every aspect of this with the greatest emphasis on emotions.

I know a lot about emotions.  There are many books written about this topic including several on emotional intelligence.  One author says that emotion is the fuel which drives intelligence.  Intelligence is stagnant until emotion gets behind it.  There is much truth to this too.  My fear has always been that emotions will damage if I get too carried away with my own in any aspect of my life.  Yes, I need to control them, but for me, I’ve needed to hide them.  I realize this stems to dad’s abuse during my childhood, but today God was clear that I cannot fully praise and worship Him if I don’t let Him have His Way with all of me–including my emotions.  I don’t really have a clue as to how this looks.  But, I want to be fully awake to this  and see what happens as I live through this day.  This trip is put together by our worship pastor and husband so I’m going to try and get a moment of today with them to see what they’d say about all of this.  I just know God is wanting me to embrace the emotions He has given me rather than fear and hide them.

I think everyone who knows abuse as I do struggle with this reality.  I’m very interested in seeing just what God wants done with this.  To God be ALL GLORY!

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