The Journey Continues: Aug. 7, 2018

The days seem to click by so quickly, yet within each of them is 24 hours for man to choose to honor God or turn away.  I write this because I’m finding this just too true.  I had a meeting with a couple of our leaders who wanted to talk to me.  In it I found I have an individual who is denying some of their behaviors.  I will meet with them this week and have the needed conversation.  How much we want to please God, but, at the same time, the choices to please self (flesh) continue to scream–choose me!  As much as we may want to be a leader in God’s Kingdom work, we have to not deny what our actions are.  These are tough but I know how important it is to have one’s own truth brought into the Light of Jesus Christ.  In it there is healing once we face it.  Sometimes we just need to accept help for a longer period to find the needed sobriety before beginning leadership.  I also need to remember this so I don’t push someone into leading before their time of readiness is complete.

Satan never quits his devious, sinful work.  How I hate this.  When I was in administration full-time I would have to face difficult, conflict situations.  Almost all the time they would end with healing.  There would be those times which wouldn’t end as such, however, but they had to be dealt with nonetheless.  Over time, when I’d do the right thing, what I thought would be a wall forever would turn out to be something God used.  Sometimes I’d even hear about this use.  Well, no matter the outcome, I know I need to address the item of yesterday’s meeting and that I will do as God leads.  He will do His Work as He always does.  I just need to do mine.

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