The Journey Continues: Aug. 6, 2018

The reality of yesterday is done.  When it was time for the new, 6-week class to begin we had 7 people in the room all of which are connected to leading the forthcoming recovery classes we will start following this 6-week class.  Waiting another 10 minutes we had 7 others come who were there out of their own interest/need.  I kept telling myself to not be discouraged but I must say, it was overwhelming me.  I’m not usually one who lets my emotions dominate me, but this was a struggle.

One of our pastors came to me following class asking how it went?  I told him there were only 7 who showed.  He didn’t even bat an eye.  He was glad we had 7.  As I write this I can say I am glad 7 came also.  It will be interesting to investigate why the small turnout?  Are people intimated to attend a class of this nature as a Sunday School class rather than a less visible time?  Overtime we will learn from this.  Once again I have to be reminded how intimidating recovery topics are to the general population.  Sexual brokenness is an extremely private topic.  I should know, I’ve lived in the silence of it a great part of my life.  Just because I found my way out doesn’t mean the rest of the world walked out of their bondage when I did.

It is amazing to me how much of a day can be consumed with this topic in one’s mind.  I may spend several hours working in my yard, being with my grandkids, and a host of other things, but what consumes me is this.  I know God has me in this topic on purpose, but I sure need to learn to be a better servant in it letting go of my selfish desires so I’m fully available to the ones who are brave enough to come.  God sent the shepherd after the one lost sheep rather than staying with the 99 already in the fold.  I really needed to be reminded of this.  It is the one lost sheep we are seeking to find.


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