The Journey Continues: Aug. 9, 2018

Today is one of those days when prioritizing is a real issue.  Maybe more folks are this way than I think, but I tend to make the priority whatever is connected to what I call work.  The ministry things I do somewhat fall into that category.  But, right now with my brother in the hospital, it seems I ought to be making family top the list.  There several things I had already scheduled for today and tomorrow conflicting with this family crisis.  I know in my heart to rearrange them, but in my head it seems I’m slacking if I do this.  I’m not my dad I keep reminding myself.  I always saw him as lazy when it came to following through with work and I’m driven to never look like him.  Dad was good at giving attention to family when it was hurting.  This characteristic is a strength which I need and want to have.  I just need to remember that not all about dad was weak.  Satan would want me hanging onto this but I easily see this now from journaling about it this morning and now writing it here in the blog.

This morning I’m going to my brother’s house to help my sis in law with some chores.  I had called one of my pastor friends who is going to visit my brother in the hospital.  He is going this morning.  In talking with my brother yesterday morning he even said it was difficult to talk with family about some things.  I knew what he meant.  I asked if he’d be ok having a pastor come to talk with him?  He said that would be fine so it is happening this morning.  God is and has been working on my brother so I’m praying the time will be good for him to see God in a very different light than when he was raised in our home and in the church of that day.

God keeps reminding me to “Be still, the Lord is on your side.”  This hymn runs through my mind and it brings a great deal of peace in so doing.  God is so good when we give Him the chance to be not only our daily Guide, but our Comforter too.

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