The Journey Continues: Aug. 10, 2018

Today is Herb’s, my brother’s, surgery.  It is suppose to be at 10 am.  Shortly, Kathy and I will go pick up his wife Glenda and head to the hospital.  I have a strong peace about all of this.  God is in complete control.  I love this about Him.

Last night at Celebrate Recovery we sang a song that really resonated with me.  I can’t recall the name of it or I’d tell you here.  I had heard the chorus of it but the verses were new to me.  In them the words were about believing God can make a garden of our lives for feeding others.  I thought when I read them that somehow I’d love for that to be true of me knowing this is what God wants to do for each of us.  The lesson last night was GIVE.  In the lesson the best gift we can give is sharing our personal story of God’s GRACE helping us to overcome whatever Hurt, Hang-up, Habits we struggle with or which have owned us.  The lesson made me realize I’d spent most of my life giving so I could hopefully be good enough for God to use me.  Instead, God has been wanting to rearrange my thinking and believing.  I needed to know that my giving would never make me worthy.  Christ dying on the Cross of Calvary did that for me.  My giving should be done in thanksgiving for Christ’s Giving for me and for each of us.

Now this morning, in my devotional, I was challenged by the message centered around “feed a cold and starve a fever”.  However, the author rearrange the message to be:  “feed a faith and starve a fear”.  When I asked God how all of this tied together He pointed out that the garden of my life still had a taproot needing to be uprooted.  This root has to do with my fears.  I still have many fears I confess haunting me.  As we get closer to the start of our recovery ministries my fears are driving me nuts inside.  I’ve been feeding those fears too rather than feeding faith.  Today, God showed me my need to let go of feeding the fears so I can start believing fully that He is in control of these ministries just like I know He is in control of my brother’s surgery.  This new ministry is not being built on me so I can let all of that go.  I am a servant of God doing my part and I will let Him do His.  Boy, did I need to hear this and do I ever need to now keep focused on feeding the Faith!

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