The Journey Continues: Aug. 11, 2018

Well, Herb’s surgery went extremely well yesterday.  Even though he is 81 and soon to be 82, the surgeon said his bones were as healthy as someone in their 20’s so he could screw into them the repairs needed.  He assured everyone he would heal well as long as he followed the recovery principles they’d teach him when he leaves the hospital.  This was all such good news.  Thanks for prayers and for God’s handiwork!

As I was rereading my blog of yesterday and processing my morning’s devotion today I realized I touched upon a huge item that God is not even close to being done addressing.  This has to do with making me “a fertile garden”.  I mentioned yesterday regarding the song which stated the message.  I then went into the “feeding faith and starving fear”.  This morning God was showing me that it is in feeding faith by trusting completely in Him that He creates this fertile garden. Faith is a garden’s fertilizer.  It is through starving fear that I weed the garden.  Eventually when one diligently weeds a garden that the amount of weeds dwindle and the garden takes over them.  I know this very well in real-life gardening.  By now I do little weeding and mostly harvesting in my garden.  However, in the spring I need to weed often to keep them from taking control.

It is in my mind that I am very susceptible to fear/weeds.  Joyce Meyers says we need to say out loud these fears and confess them.  I do this at times when I get overwhelmed with them.  But, my pride doesn’t want to confess I let them dominate me to the point of being overwhelmed.  My new commitment is to tell the fear early on so the weeds cannot choke out the trust I’d want in my mind.  I will not only confess fear but I will also state out loud my trust.  Yesterday, spending the day in the hospital, I heard several times the word fear from others around me.  When I heard it from them I could easily address it as such and help them process the fear to trust.  However, I am not good at doing this for myself.  I need others to help me by my saying the fear out loud to them.  So this is my new assignment.  I’m fertilizing my garden!

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