The Journey Continues: Aug. 17, 2018

God is such an Amazing God.  I’ve been up a couple of hours because He had some important things He was wanting me to know from Him today.  As I begin to write this I’m starting to see that God is growing me from continuing to overcome my past to better using my past.  Every since I wrote the book, The Journey From Error to Heir, which started my blog–The Journey Continues, I’ve had continued interest shown in purchasing the book.  Not a lot of interest at any one time, but intense interest from ones who have a struggle or know someone who does and they want to help them.  I’ve never been too interested in having a huge sale of books, but to have a huge impact on anyone who would read it needing to know God’s position in their life.  Knowing we are important to God and that He created us with purpose is not something I have known until most recently.  My heart aches for those who struggle with the lie that they are a mistake as I had always thought of myself.

This morning I’ve had several things stressing me.  I had a call yesterday about the schools I’m being asked to work with this coming school year.  I already know them and their history and I was not eager to be asked to work with them.  When I asked God this morning if these were His choices for me I sensed Him asking me what I’d expected to feel when I was asked to help a site?  Did I want to feel good because I knew it would be easy?  The schools struggling didn’t get to this place of struggle that can be changed by easy answers.  So why am I questioning this assignment God seemed to be asking?  I think God made my answer pretty simple–“of course I will help them”.

The other things I’m struggling with are due to these approaching recovery classes, the leaders being ready for them, and then my brother who just isn’t pulling out of the woods in his healing process following his surgery a week ago today.  God’s response to me this morning was to “be still”.  I already know this message but I need to have it repeated to me often.  To “be still” I need to quiet my mind and not let it race ahead with anxiety.  When I “be still” I can easily organize the day fitting in what must be done and allowing time for the enjoyment of the day like the garden and flower beds as well as being with friends and family.

I don’t know how many of us need to learn to “be still”, but I know this is why God had me up early today.  The assignments God has given me to do in my journey with Him are not to cause me anxiety, but to simply complete as they come.  I can use my past to help with this when I stay in the “be still” mindset.  Satan wants me in a panic mindset so I am filled with self-doubt and anxiety.  I no longer want to gratify the lies I’ve believed.  I want to learn to put into daily practice the truths God is teaching in His Word.  Psalms 131:2 says:  “But I have stilled and quieted my soul….”  This I want to practice today and each day as I learn from my journey with God.

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