The Journey Continues: Aug. 18, 2018

I had some pretty amazing lessons yesterday which I want to learn so I don’t need to repeat them.  It all started with my devotional time when God was telling me to “be still”.  There is an action that must take place if I’m going to be still and that action is trust.  If I’m going to be still I have to trust God to order my day.  Much of what gives me anxiety is me ordering the day so it completes well all that needs to be done.  If I practice “being still” I trust God to order the day and in so doing I believe I will complete well what He wants me to do within each task.

Yesterday all of the above seemed to happen.  However, it happened and I didn’t even remember the lesson of the day–to “be still”.  The day got everything done I knew I’d need to do and it also got some pleasure things done which I’d hoped could get done.  I even had two of my favorite people call so we could talk.  My sis Bonnie was one of the calls.  She had said she enjoyed reading yesterday’s blog.  I sadly had to admit that by late yesterday afternoon I couldn’t even remember what I’d written.  I had to call it up on my phone to reread it.  So, God did order the day in His way rearranging what I would have done and in so doing I got to do the errands I wanted to complete–buying fall plants to put into a couple pots I’ve been wanting to replant but never having time to get the new plants for them.

In the day yesterday I had a meeting with a couple of the recovery leaders for groups this fall.  It was a great meeting and we accomplished all and more of what I had wanted us to complete.  So, this morning as I reflect on yesterday I could easily see how God had ordered the day completing the assignments He wanted done.  He even ordered it so I could start what brings much pleasure for me.  If I’d ordered the day myself I would have only completed tasks I thought needed and that would have delayed again the little ones about plants and phone calls.  Along with all of this, I forgot the lesson.  It just happened anyway.

Lastly, this morning God has been pointing out one item I need to put into permanent memory.  The assignments for consulting I do and the assignments for recovery I do have one item in common–IDENTITY.  The schools for which I consult have been labeled failure schools by the system.  They are in the bottom 5% of Idaho’s schools as indicated by their student learning success.  The recovery groups we will be starting are going to be working with individuals that feel they too are failures and this has become their identity.  When God pointed this out I could identity immediately.  I have quietly believed this lie forever it seems.  God wants each of us and all of us to know that we may fail, but this does NOT make us a failure.  This is Satan’s lie he plants in us.  God is uprooting this lie and He is finally getting to the taproot of it for me.  It is time I become a fully committed servant of God helping others know this miracle of belief will happen for them too.

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