The Journey Continues: Aug. 21, 2018

Today I was up at 4:30 to take my sis-in-law to the airport.  It was a funny start for the day.  I went to the coffee pot to pour my travel mug to find the pot hadn’t perked.  The time on it said 11 something and it was 4:30 am.  I realized that last night instead of changing the perk time I had simply changed the time on the pot.  I told my sis she would just have to wait until the coffee was done.  I wasn’t driving to Boise without a mug of coffee in my hand!  We made it just fine too.

Today’s devotional was all about righteous living.  I loved how it fit perfectly with God’s present focus on Wisdom.  It said that it is not enough for us to stop sinning.  Yes, we need to address our sinfulness by confessing it but we also need to change our actions so instead of sinning, we begin to act righteously.  In so doing we are responding to The Holy Spirit’s nudges within us.  Acting on these nudges is Wisdom.  It is acting on what we know to do and by acting on the knowledge we become wise.  A major piece of learning for me is the fact that none of this can be sustained on our own strength.  I lived my entire life attempting to do this.  I was trying all along to earn God’s righteousness.  I would even have long periods of time when I’d be successful–in my own thinking.  However, something would happen and I’d crash.  Finally, now that I’m learning to literally act on God’s nudges and to not act on my own impulses, I find myself sensing a freedom I would only have at random times.  I feel quite young in this, but it is something I will pursue the rest of my life.

Yesterday’s time with the young man I mentioned in the blog was powerful.  I took him a copy of my book.  I wanted him to know that his elementary principal had to overcome his past too.  We talked continuously for a little over an hour and than he needed to get back to work.  He called me last night to say he had started reading the book.  He said he realized we had many things in common.  He even said that if we were to talk for 24 hours straight we would only scratch the surface of what we needed to address.  His two year old son’s birthday is Saturday and I told him I’d come to the party.  He wants me to meet his family and I want to do that.  God is working.

My brother got out of the hospital and into rehab late yesterday afternoon.  I’ll be seeing him at noon today.  This is a major step.  God is good all the time!


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