The Journey Continues: Aug. 20, 2018

Today is the start of school for 7 of my grandkids who live locally.  My two in Oklahoma have already begun school last week.  My word, I have 9 grandkids in school now, one who is out of school and two waiting still to start.  As I was praying for them today I was impressed with the burden to pray that they will see and know God in their school settings.  I guess you know that I myself love school.  It was the best part of my childhood.  I’ve certainly learned that this is not the case for so many kids today as well as when I was in school myself.  However, God is always present if we will only take a moment to focus our minds and heart on Him.  No man can push Him out regardless of rules and regulations.  He is right there waiting for us to acknowledge Him and we can do this at any moment and at any time.

Today I have lunch with a young man who was a student of mine many years ago.  He had one of the most troubling childhoods a kid could have.  Today he is a successful contributor to society but inside he has a troubled heart and mind.  He has asked me some questions we will talk about over lunch.  I look forward to the way God will use this time for Him to be glorified.  God and this young man are a great team.  Sometimes we just need help finding God in our pasts.  I sure did and it was provided.  I pray our time today will be one of those times for him.

Today, also, my brother is getting out of the hospital and going to a rehab center.  Praise the Lord!  He is on the road to recovery.  God is so good!  Lastly, today a dear friend’s son is going before a judge due to some poor choices he’s made.  I wrote a letter of support for him.  This is one of those times when my human side is screaming to “give him another chance” but my heart is saying, “God, you know what will turn him to accept the consequences of his choices.  Your will be done.”  I need to be God’s servant all the time, not just when it feels ok to be.

As I was reading the beginning chapters of Proverbs this morning I was reminded that Wisdom is knowledge put to use in life as God would direct.  Man does all kinds of things with knowledge that looks nothing like Wisdom.  I pray today that God’s Wisdom will be used in all settings.  To God be ALL GLORY!

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