The Journey Continues: Aug. 28, 2018

Yesterday turned out to be a day for God to show Himself.  Kathy and I bought a new washing machine last Spring.  It was the “exact one” she’d been wanting–so she thought.  No matter what she tried she could not find satisfaction with it.  Yesterday we went back to the dealer and even though it has been 4 months, they are taking it back and letting us choose which one we want for a straight across the board trade.  I was hearing all kinds of excuses in my mind as to why they couldn’t do anything for us, yet they didn’t even question us.  They actually thanked Kathy for being so diligent in trying to make it work for her before coming in.  This might seem trite, but I was very appreciative of God’s involvement in this.

In the afternoon yesterday I got a text from one of our pastors wanting to meet with me 30 minutes ahead of choir practice.  Somehow I knew it would be to “scold me or reign me in” in some category of the recovery ministries.  However, when I got to the church he had an order of curriculum materials for me and some great news about a volunteer who might be a tremendous help for us.

This morning I was processing with God about this mindset of mine–always expecting that I’ve done something wrong and needing to be lectured.  Well, God simply reminded me of the scripture I am using this month to reframe my belief system.  It is II Corinthians 10:5–“to take every thought captive….”  Proverbs 23:7 also tells us “As a man thinks, so is he.”  God is truly wanting me to break away from this “old man” thinking pattern I’ve had.  I’m a new creation and He wants me believing I’m a new creation in every aspect of my life.  Once again the words of the Serenity Prayer ring true:  “one day at a time and one moment at a time”.  I am amazed always at this Almighty God we serve.  He truly is interested in every aspect of our lives.  I want to be always growing closer to Him and to serve Him well.

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