The Journey Continues: Aug. 27, 2018

The smoke-laden West is getting some rain this morning.  I don’t know when I’ve been so happy to see drops of rain falling from the sky.  The clouds aren’t dense, but they are letting drops fall enough to hit the earth and in so doing it will dampen the fires burning and remove the pollutants keeping air quality in the “hard to breathe” range.  Thank you God!

Today’s scriptural message in Proverbs seemed to direct me to stay focused on what God is telling me–not what man is saying.  Man wants the first seat at the table and God says to take the back seat and if you are asked to move to the front seat you are being truly honored.  Proverbs 27:1&2 tells this nicely.

A couple of weeks ago I was told something that was very troubling to me.  It is not in the realm of things I work with, but nonetheless, it was troubling.  This morning I was asking God what He wanted me to do with it.  I was surprised with His response (even though I should not have been).  He seemed to say for me to address what He has given me to do and to leave for Him and others what is told to me only out of the need to tell.  As soon as I heard this message I felt like Satan was trying to use this information to distract me from the work God has me doing.  He is the master of deceit and this could have been one of them for me.  There are many details to get into place as we approach the launch of our recovery ministries and I don’t want to do anything which would deter me from God’s purposes in this.   Let God alone be honored this day by my words and deeds.


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