The Journey Continues: Sept. 2, 2018

I had thought God was likely done needing to teach me more before we started our new recovery classes.  However, this morning in my devotional time I knew there was more I was to learn.  It started when I was reading my devotional.  The message in it was being reliant on God and not on man.  We use others to support us.  However, we need to stay focused on the fact that support is not to be the core reason for what we do.  Following God’s leadership is why we do what we do.  The activities God has us do can become what we worship and idolize rather than God Himself.  My Bible reading today was starting the book of Isaiah.  Right off the bat Isaiah is telling the Israelites that God is not happy with their sacrifices.  The sacrifices have become simply a ritual with no heart in them.  They had become self-reliant on one another rather than helping one another see God in all they did.  Their purposes in living were driven by what man saw rather than what God saw.

As I was reading all of this I could hear God telling me that my eyes and my heart are to be solely on Him as we are to start these new recovery groups.  I tend to look ahead and see ones coming with problems bigger than the group leaders can handle since we are not professionals so we need that professional involvement with us.  God was pointing out that He wants me knowing these folks are coming with problems alright, but He is the One who prodded them to be there and He is their answer.  He will also prod the professional involvement as needed.  I don’t need to recruit them, He is already doing that.  I need only to welcome them and guide them to the right places and stop thinking it is my job to have all of this in place ahead of time.

My Bible reading ended with a reflection written by Joyce Meyers.  She was stating how God pulls away props in our own lives so we can become more reliant on Him only.  He wants us to become strong in this reliance on Him.  He calls this TRUST.  It is then we can be a good prop for a young one learning their walk with God.  I feel God has been pruning me to better understand and know this.  God is never done with us.  I can honestly say I am so glad too!

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