The Journey Continues: Sept. 3, 2018

As I wrote yesterday’s blog I knew in my heart I was looking too much at man as I’ve been approaching the upcoming kick off of our Celebrate Recovery and especially the recovery groups.  My inadequacies have been screaming at me (fed by Satan’s deceptions I now know).  It was amazing to go to church and hear a sermon that did nothing but directly reinforce this.

Our pastor is focusing the sermon series for September around compassion.  It is a perfect theme for the month with us kicking off both of these recovery programs.  His sermon focus came from Mark 6:30-44—Feeding the 5000.  I’m going to hugely paraphrase but try to get the meaning across.  In this passage Christ asks the disciples about the amount of food within this huge group of followers who came to hear his teaching?  The disciples wanted Christ to send them away to get fed in the neighboring villages but Christ said he wanted them to feed the crowd.  When they reported to Christ there were 5 loaves and 2 fish, Christ had them bring the food to him and he broke the bread and divided the fish.  In so doing he fed everyone with 12 basketfuls left over.  The scripture says the people were satisfied.

As I was listening to this message I kept seeing myself wanting to gather more men around me to feed those coming for our recovery programs.  God has been telling me to “be still” which He did again this morning.  But, in my day I continue to try to appease my sense of inadequacies by trying to gather more expertise.  God is now saying to bring to Him what I have to feed the ones who come.  He will bless it and the ones who come will be satisfied.  This is not at all about me, it is all about me being willing to do what God asks and then let Him bless and feed–they will be satisfied.

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