The Journey Continues: Sept. 13, 2018

The flurry of details is whirling in my head this morning along with an additional flurry of emotions.  The details for getting the consulting work I do organized for the three sites is jammed into my mind.  The details of the recovery groups starting next Tuesday and the details of Celebrate Recovery’s kickoff also next week are all needing attention.  On top of this, our church is rerouting all of the rooms used for these programs.  Now that our children have their own new wing, all the old rooms are being remodeled and so the use of rooms has been changed.  This doesn’t seem to big of a deal except the room assignments get adjusted daily and sometimes more than once a day.  Who to talk to about the right information and wondering how long the info is “right” is its own issue.  And then there is the issue of who one has talked to.  Not always is the same info given.  I write this because my emotional base wants to have me go to the church this morning now that I’m home for the day and put order to chaos.  Of course, this would be an “Earnie” order, and all it would do is momentarily make me feel better because I got it off my chest.  I know this isn’t right and God has been speaking to me about doing things His Way.  He reminds me that clarity is always important, change is inevitable, communication for clarity is key and asking questions for the sake of clarity is always good.  He also reminds me to leave “judgment” to His Son.  He is not asking me to be a savior to this mess either.  He sent the Savior a couple thousand years ago and that was sufficient.  Human saviors (or attempts to be) only cause their own new chaos.  So, with all this in mind, being a good servant today is my goal.  I’m making a list of all the details needing done, clarified, finished, started, etc.  We can check them off as completed or leave them alone adjusting as needed.  (My word–this is a big paragraph!)

I must say that as I reflect on this, in times past I would go into the day like a bulldog.  I usually have tactfulness at the top of my list, but I can be awfully confrontive and tact gets pushed aside.  God is showing me that His Light can only shine when He is allowed to be the one Leading.  This is exactly what I want to do and a good servant is want I want to be so here we go.

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