The Journey Continues: Sept. 12, 2018

The last couple days have been filled with training and working with the new school district leaders I’ll be consulting the next three years.  The evenings have also been full too.  I’ve been up between 4:30-5:00 am and hardly sat until I needed to go to bed which was when I got home from the evening commitments.  Today is the last of the training ones and tonight is free to be home.  I forget how much one needs time to be home.  It is then one has the moment/s with their family.  The fall has much busyness with the recovery start-ups and all my grandkids’ activities.  I don’t want to be known for the grandpa who didn’t have time for his kids and grandkids.

Last night God used a dear, 87 year old lady friend to open the eyes and hearts of the 12 recovery group leaders to using God’s Word as POWER.  She was emphasizing the POWER of knowing God’s Word and speaking God’s Word into POWER.  She gave numerous examples of this in her own life and we were able to process times when this has been true for us in each of our recovery walks.

This morning I’ve been amazed to reflect on what God wants us doing with His Written Word–the Bible.  It is not just a book to be read.  It is a book to be used as a living, life practice.  It is the very Sword of the Spirit–The Holy Spirit within us.  As I consult with schools: teachers, administrators and parents too, I help them find the author’s purpose for the curriculum and materials they use.  It is one thing to have teaching materials, but all of them have an author who intends for it to be used in a most meaningful teaching way.  When it is, students learn and profit from the learning.  Last night with my friend Lois, she gave tremendous insight into this same practice.  God authored The Bible through inspiring men for its writing.  It behooves us to know God’s purpose for it and then to use it exactly as He intended.  When we do, we find that learning and purpose for the learning walking hand in hand.  We even get to eat the fruit of this process too.

In writing this I wonder why we struggle so much to do it?  The element of man’s ego, time and effort to learn the written word, and then taking the time to know how the author intended for us to use it goes against most of our human nature.  Somehow man thinks he already knows how something is to be done.  The author put directions to it only for the weak.  I know first hand that when I am weak–then I am strong.  I want to do what my Author tells me to do in His Word.  I also want to help others know this isn’t a path to weakness, but a path to Peace by walking in surrender.  This is STRENGTH!

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