The Journey Continues: Sept. 15, 2018

This morning’s devotional time and scripture reading left a message in me that I  believe God is wanting me to keep around as long as I’m alive.  I’m still reading in Isaiah and today brought me to Isaiah 48:10.  It says: “Behold I have refined you, but not as silver.  I have tried and chose you in the furnace of affliction.”  The commentaries all say this is written for the Israelites who have been captured by Babylon.  Isaiah has been telling all along about the forthcoming outcome of their sins if they don’t turn back to God.  This morning when I read this God seemed to have a very personal message for me in this passage.

I had already read in my devotional by the Blackaby’s about God’s Word and man’s words as seeds.  In the spiritual realm they are seeds to bring Light to God’s Kingdom and in man’s world they are seeds which can encourage or discourage depending on how they are used.  When I had read the devotional I immediately knew this truth in my own life.  Years back when I was early in my recovery God had revealed to me the scripture saying He gives me a heart of flesh replacing the heart of stone, Ezekiel 36:26.  The heart of stone represents our hardening from sin.  For me it was my sin as well as the sins of abuse.  God has taught me that a heart of flesh is one which feels and knows His purposes for life’s lessons.  I can trust Him always no matter what is before me to know He will use all things to His Glory if I stay with Him and His Spirit’s leadership in me.

Back to Isaiah 48:10.  I now know that the refining God has done in my affliction is useful for Him as I begin to take it to our community through our recovery ministries.  I no longer need to fret/worry/be anxious about any of it.  God is using it to bring lost, burdened souls to know full well that they are loved by Him and precious in His sight just as He has been teaching me about myself and Him.  Satan has been attacking and attacking trying to dissuade me and others in this new ministry.  Yesterday was another one of those days.  However, God is far more faithful in standing firm as my Rock and my Salvation.  Next week is coming and God’s Kingdom Work will begin for those He is nudging to come.

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