The Journey Continues: Sept. 16, 2018

Today is my second grandson’s 15th birthday.  Due to his unexpected arrival here on earth, he and his mom lived with us for his first couple years and has been very close to me all of these years hence.  He is now 6’1″ towering over me and yet he hugs and gives kisses as though he were still 4.  His heart is tender and loving.  I have thanked God for this unexpected gift many, many times.  God has used him to show me how love is given and received from the heart.

Today we have two more of our Recovery people being interviewed in our two worship services.  They are extremely nervous–especially the young man.  He is well educated and embarrassed to tell “the world” about his struggle yet he knows God is wanting him to do this.  We start Tuesday evening with our first recovery group meetings.  Then, Thursday, we have our 10 year reunion kickoff for Celebrate Recovery.  I believe we are all planned and set for these.  Satan is doing all he can to throw wrenches into the works but God is Almighty and Faithful as He thwarts all of these poisonous arrows.

Yesterday morning I had a phone call from one of our men who is caught in one of Satan’s attacks wanting to destroy an area of our Celebrate Recovery work.  He is out of town at the moment and was wondering what we were to do when he returned?  I told him we were going to make this attack into a lesson from God.  I have learned that there is nothing in life that God won’t use for His Honor and Glory if we will only allow Him to make these messes into His message.  It will take a healthy, vulnerable conversation between the ones involved but from it we can establish a way of escape when Satan tries to attack again.  He said he liked this idea and so we will soon be having the conversation.  I had this same conversation with the others involved and all are willing to step into this process.  We also have another one of these conversations set intending to thwart Satan’s work in yet another area.  God is Steadfast and Faithful as we are steadfast and faithful to follow His Leading in our lives.  I want no more than to be a good and faithful servant.

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