The Journey Continues: Sept. 26, 2018

I’m amazed at the consistency of God and that our living each day proves what He says is exactly what will happen.  An example, yesterday I wrote that I want to be obedient to Him in all of my life.  Today’s devotion is about God’s testing moments to see just how committed one might be.  The example is given of Peter’s statement of never denying Christ yet when the test came, that is exactly what he did.  He learned from the test, but the tests come so that we can either learn and improve our walk or walk away.  I had a couple of those tests yesterday.  They weren’t of the significance of Peter but they were nonetheless–a test.

Last night was night two of our recovery classes.  I had said I’d have babysitting present for the first couple nights in case anyone came needing it.  Last week I had ones present for the daycare and the need wasn’t there so they left.  The thought of having babysitting never crossed my mind again until last night 5 kids were present due to newcomers.  They offered to go home and start next week but I needed to stand true to my word so I left my group to the co-leader and babysat for a couple hours.  It turned into a great couple hours for me.  It also embedded into my memory bank that I won’t let this happen again!  Selfishly, I didn’t want to miss the group’s lesson, however, God wanted me to be faithful to my commitment.  I learned a good lesson.

We actually had 6 new ones come last night for our classes.  One class which had no one last week had 3 last night.  That was great.  It does pay to be faithful to God and wait for His timing–relying & trusting Him.  He is the One Who works in the hearts of man preparing them for their next steps with Him.  He wants us to be present and patient while He is Working.  I want to remain being a faithful and good servant.

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