The Journey Continues: Oct. 1, 2018

I’m stymied this morning with the writing of this blog.  I have random thoughts going through my head but they do not connect to a meaningful thread.  Yesterday was a blessed day in many ways.  The birthday of my oldest granddaughter–turning 17 years old.  She is one of those jewels I wrote about yesterday.

Today I go to the elementary school in the district for which I work.  The principal and I will be going into each of the teacher’s rooms observing what is taking place instructionally and particularly looking for effectiveness in the instruction’s relevance to what students are to know.  I actually love this type of work.  It is fun to see kids well engaged in learning and its also fun to see teachers engaged in teaching that helps kids see lights clicking on with new knowledge and the application of that knowledge.  I still love new learning today and the use of it.  I suppose that is why all the new technology is fun for it certainly brings new learning opportunities for us.

God has made learning enjoyable when we are learning for the right reasons.  Satan has all these devious deterrents for kids and us.  Learning that turns out to be selfish and hinders us–turns into bad habits and leads us into bondage.  God’s learning is always done in LIGHT.  It is learning that we can share with others and others profit because we do share it.  As I write this I can see the missing thread from the first paragraph.  It is LIGHT.  Learning that is healthy has no walls around it blocking LIGHT.  However, Satan’s evil always blocks LIGHT.  I want to keep this mental picture in the forefront of my day.

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