The Journey Continues: Oct. 3, 2018

Today is a new day.  The past couple days have started with a sense of anxiety that has been overwhelming each morning.  I’ve lived with this long enough to know I will move through the day in spite of it but I couldn’t put my finger on the “why” of it. Now I know.  Last night’s class was my first time to be able to simply work through the lesson on abuse with the men coming.  We started getting into the “why” we were in the class.  I found it amazing that two of us talked about the anxiety of doing this and the other two talked about their excitement to delve into it.  The emotions of man!

This morning the anxiety of the past couple days is gone.  Getting started last night exposing what is inside was simply freeing–hard at the time, but the after effect is freeing and this morning I feel calm and at ease.  Wow, God is so Amazing!

Yesterday, along with the class last night, I met with a man who wanted to talk through his present battle.  God was very present and I think he was able to get God’s Light in moving ahead.  I then stopped by my brother’s place to check in with him.  A week from today I will take him to this final doctor’s appointment so he can be released from the wheelchair (or I hope that is the outcome of the appointment).  It was so good to see him in good spirits and he demonstrated his ability to walk without any help–at least for a short distance.

Today I head to the high school of the district I’m assisting.  I’m needing to breathe deep and see what is needed as a 3-year assignment rather than a quick fix.  I’ve known it is a 3-year one, but my actions/thoughts have been to act quickly and get things moving.  I do know that there’s much to do in order to move.  I need to remember that starting slow and doing this thoroughly will lead to the ability to move quickly once we get our work well defined.

God is so good and I am learning to complete His assignments as such.  The idea I need to take the ropes from Him and do all the work is a new concept yet it is one I want to get much better at.  God will put these 3-years together and I need to do my work one day at a time with Him staying at the helm.

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