The Journey Continues: Oct. 5, 2018

God’s heart–As we learn to live our life as a new creation, the life given to us when we accept Christ’s work on the Cross, we receive the Holy Spirit.  Only as we allow ourselves to listen and respond to the Holy Spirit do we begin to know the Heart of God and respond to life with it.  There is so much turmoil in our country it is hard to see the Heart of God.  What we see are the actions and turmoil of man.  I know I can get lost in each day’s turmoil and strife, but God is asking each of us to choose His Heart by responding to His Spirit.  In so doing we place His Spirit in the lead of our life.  All of this comes down to each man’s decision.  I want to have God’s Holy Spirit leading me each and every day.  I blow it often, but each morning I come back to this same decision–will I commit this day to God and His Spirit’s work in my life?  My answer is, “Yes.”

As I read in Jeremiah again this morning I am baffled by man.  Jeremiah literally is telling the few remaining Jews to come back to God’s Ways.  Yet, they turn his message into a simple one as only coming from the man Jeremiah instead of him being God’s messenger.  Unfortunately, I sense us doing this today.  All the warning signs given to us don’t seem to make any difference.  However, the differences we can make as individuals for God’s Kingdom will be made by each of us.  I choose today to follow God’s leading in my life.

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