The Journey Continues: Oct. 6, 2018

God did some great work yesterday with the recovery ministries we are working with.  We have been needing leadership for our children while their parents are in the recovery programs whether on Tuesday night or Celebrate Recovery on Thursday.  A month ago a lady new to our area volunteered to help.  She is not only help, she is a whirlwind of God’s wisdom and delivery of service.  The kids love her and what she has them doing.  She has taken the curriculum other adults have struggled to use with the kids and made it come to life.  The lessons for the kids are to aligned with the parent’s lessons so kids and parents can have common discussions during the week.  I can finally see this happening–Praise God!

This morning we have over 100 men coming together for a men’s breakfast and speaker.  I’m asking that the pastor in charge announce one last time that the recovery classes on Tuesday will close after this week.  I’m praying for those who want to come but are afraid to address the darkness in their lives for whatever is keeping them in bondage.  The grip of Satan’s lies is powerful until we put it into the Power of God’s Presence–His Light.  How I pray for this to happen for anyone this morning who is still caught.

I often ask myself if I would step forth and ask for help by attending a class like we are offering?  My fears and bondage were not different than what grips anyone today who is caught.  Yet, how I found my freedom from this bondage is through the same Jesus Christ.  I thought I could finish my bondage breaking by getting a program started called Celebrate Recovery.  That was 10 years ago.  Little did I know how God would little by little show me the huge amount of work which was still unaddressed in my life.  All I know is that the same freedom God has given me is there for the asking.  Taking that first step is always the hardest.  Pray for those who still need to take theirs.  It is the start to FREEDOM like one never knew possible!

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