The Journey Continues: Oct. 16, 2018

Most days what I’m going to write at this time is right in the forefront of my mind.  Today is not that way.  I have a few things I want to get done and that is all that is there.  In my devotions Ezekiel is being told some ugly things to tell the people of Israel.  Yes, it is all about their judgment from poor choices and now their choices have caught up with them.  They have had many, many opportunities to turn back to God and His Ways, but they didn’t take heed to the ongoing warnings.

If nothing else, I do want this to be a lesson for me.  Following God, building a relationship with Him, His Son and Holy Spirit, is only as strong as my obedience to them and the time I spend with them.  If nothing else, this can be my lesson for today.  Our judgment day will come, no one gets to be without one.  I want to be awake to this fact and correct myself today.  This alone is a full time job!

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