The Journey Continues: Oct. 15, 2018

Today I had a most interesting thing happen while I was having my devotions.  I’m now reading in Ezekiel.  God is having Ezekiel reinforce the message to the Israelites as to why they are now in captivity and Israel/Jerusalem is in ruins.  Ezekiel is charged over and over to give these messages.  I was admiring within myself the relationship God and Ezekiel had with one another.  It is like best friends.  They trust one another.

As I was journaling I told God I wished I had a best friend.  I have scores of friends but if I were to say I have a best friend I wouldn’t know for sure who it is and I wouldn’t even know how to differentiate him from the score of friends.  As I was writing this I was nudged by God saying this is what He wants with (us) me.  He doesn’t just want to be friends with man or to be God with man.  The reason He says in scripture He gave us a heart of flesh is so He would be at the core of us–our best friend.  All of a sudden as I was writing and processing this, I realized those 3 words–heart of flesh–represent God as HEART and flesh as man.  The “of” tells the heart is in flesh.  The heart is the core or essence of the flesh.  There is substance making up the flesh but the heart of the flesh is what gives it life.  God isn’t wanting to just be the leader of my life like a person in charge.  He wants to be leader of my life as my best Friend who I trust with all my being.

All this time I’ve been journaling to God (the past 2 years and 3 months) and now I finally realize the greatest message–He wants to be my BEST FRIEND.  He doesn’t just want to be my Lord and Master, but to be my FRIEND.  There is probably more to add to this message, but this is as far as my words will go in describing it for today.  I’m rather overwhelmed at this moment.  Taking what I’ve known in my head for years and now knowing it in my heart is a remarkable discovery!

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