The Journey Continues: Nov. 6, 2018

It is a critically important day today–election day.  I am not a politician and not one to campaign.  But I stand firmly on the rights given to us as countrymen to vote.  So, do not let this day go by without expressing yours.

Yesterday, as I went to the school I had journaled that God would make it clear for me why it seemed I enjoyed the administrator I worked with, but why did I sense something strained between us?  It wasn’t tangible, but nonetheless present, and had been for a few weeks.  At the end of the day we needed to spend the last hour with his leadership team to develop more of the work which needed done for the State Dept of Education.  There is a good deal of this work to do and a timeline for it.   He and I had talked through a plan for the meeting which we did.  At the end of it we needed to inform them of some upcoming work with the next two meetings and what needed accomplished.  It was then that I saw something I needed to see.  I had spoken up to inform the team of this forthcoming work.  The principal jumped in which I thought was fine and did some additional explaining.  About bedtime I got an email from him apologizing for his “rude” behavior at the end of the meeting.  He had interrupted me rudely he felt and wanted to apologize.  He also said he was trying to protect his staff from too much information and from overwhelming them.  I accepted his apology and thanked him for it and said I hadn’t felt the least bit “rudely interrupted”.

I awoke in the middle of the night with some clarity I hadn’t expected.  The superintendent of the district does a learning style profile for his administrators.  He shared this with me when I first started working with them.  I had done the same one many years ago with all my staff so we could better know how to work with one another.  It hit me in the night that this new administrator is completely opposite of me in a different profile I’ve taken but I doubt he has.  I am the type who needs to know the whole picture for what I’m working with.  If I don’t have it I can’t function as well with the work.  He on the other hand feels strongly he must limit how much information is given or it is overwhelming.  Neither is right or wrong, just how we are wired personally.  I’m going to talk with him about this so we can balance one another out.  We seem to be polar opposites in this arena and most people are somewhere between.  Knowing this we can always talk this through before entering into our meetings.

So, what’s this have to do with my journey?  I just thanked God for being so interested in our details of life.  He really is!

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