The Journey Continues: Nov. 5, 2018

A good friend wasn’t at church yesterday morning.  In inquiring with his wife she told me he had passed out during the night in the bathroom banging his head.  He was dizzy and nauseous.  A couple in our church are both medical doctors and she talked to them.  The advice was to go to the emergency room and check this out without waiting.  They had their granddaughter with them so when church ended I went to their house, got him to dress and took him to ER.  His wife took the granddaughter home and met us at the hospital.  As it all turned out, there was nothing wrong with the heart and by last night he was better, just a rumbly in the tumbly (as Winnie the Pooh use to say).

This particular friend is one who has been at the top of the friend list since we started college together.  We have sung together for 50 years and still greatly enjoy each other’s company.  This one moment of fragility was one of those wake ups God gives us.  This earthly life is temporary.  How much I want to remember this and not let opportunities to express love and appreciation slip by.

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