The Journey Continues: Nov. 8, 2018

It is always amazing to me just how much God cares for us.  Somehow I forget easily that God created man for fellowshipping with Him.  Life is about relationships.  One of the ugly sides of this human life is selfishness.  This is a direct result of sin entering into humanness right from the beginning.  Now that I’m at the age I am, I’m beginning to see what selfishness looks like from this time in life.  When I was growing up and even in my younger adult years, I’ve always thought it would be nice when one gets to the age that he doesn’t have to work daily and he can do what he wants. Life teaches this in our country.

Taking this class on abuse:  Mending the Soul, I am finding a continuous temptation to walk away from it and believe that, “I’m ok the way I am.  After all, I’m older and I’m helping God already through Celebrate Recovery.  Why do I need to dreg up this past yet again?”  I truly want to just be selfish and let good enough be good enough.  Satan would love for me to be content with the partial freedom I’ve found.  God on the other hand is right here saying in His confirming way that He has a freedom I’ve not known.  This is not only a freedom for me but it is His intended freedom for each and every man.  In the last couple days I’ve been needing to start the morning with this determination.  I’ve known from the first time I looked at this curriculum that I needed it.  Now that I’m in it I’m not letting going to believe the lie that partial freedom is good enough.  Even at my age there is greater freedom and I will stay the course until God is done.

The drive within to find this freedom is strong in the morning when I have my time with God and His Word, but what is even stronger is the drive to help others find this freedom for themselves.  God has given me a charge to not only find my own freedom from sin’s bondage, but to help others keep their resolve strong in finding theirs.  To God be ALL GLORY!

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