The Journey Continues: Nov. 9, 2018

As I began yesterday’s blog entry I wrote regarding how much God cares for each of us.  That is such a nice thing.  Yet, today in my scripture reading from Zephaniah, God is telling him how much He loves His children and wants to care for them.  Well, what drives caring is love.  God LOVES us and wants to CARE for us.  We have to be awake to God’s love or we miss out on His caring.  Sometimes, maybe many times, God is caring for us and we don’t even know or recognize it.

This morning as I was journaling about my day yesterday and writing to God about somethings on my mind I concluded as I do asking what He wanted me to know from Him for today?  He seemed to tell me as He often does to “be still and know that He is God”.  My body may look still but it is hard for me to have a “still mind”.  This is what I often need to spend time controlling.  Then during the day I am busy completing things I care about.  The work I do is usually regarding things I care deeply about and they are the work with schools, ministry work for recovery, singing, and things for family and friends.  These are primarily driven by the fact I care for them or care about them.  At the conclusion of God speaking to me regarding what He wanted me to know from Him for today, immediately this statement came to my mind–“I love you son.”

Do you know what it is like to hear these words out of nowhere?  No wonder God cares so much for us–He loves us–you and me!  When I heard this message this morning I about lost it.  It took me a few minutes before I could continue writing.  I’ve never heard them before in my human life that I recall.  My Father loves me!  I am learning that God loves me and I’m also learning how much intimacy is tied to this deeply important emotion.  I do get caught up in DOING driven mostly I’d say because I care.  However, I’m seeing more clearly that deeper than caring is loving.  I love seeing teachers who know they know how to teach well, principals who know they know how to lead a school well, people who say they are no longer bound by the chains of sin, family members who say how much they love God and serving Him, sensing the worship and love of God during a time of singing, and so much more.  Hearing God say this morning, “I love you son,” makes me never want to stop.  God called me “son” which makes me His.  Wow, isn’t God amazing!

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