The Journey Continues: Nov. 13, 2018

Yesterday was one of those days where I needed to get to the bottom of a couple items.  I’d journaled about them to God asking for His leadership with both.  In each case He took care of them in such a way that I simply said to myself, “What, it was that simple?”  I won’t go into the details of the one but it had to do with a group of people who needed a good deal of direction.  I wasn’t going to have time to deal with it until today when I would be home.  In the early afternoon yesterday I got a call from the very person I needed to talk to and he wanted to address the item.  His solution took care of it completely.  I didn’t even know he knew about it, yet God did.  He wanted it happening in His timeframe, not man’s.  He put it in His timeframe just like that.

The second situation had to do with the principal I spent the day with yesterday.  Last week I had troubled him with a timeline I knew needed to be met, but he wasn’t wanting to address it and I knew it must be done.  He’d sent me an email apologizing for his behavior which I accepted, but I also knew I needed to be sure there is not an elephant in the room as we meet.  Yesterday I asked him exactly that–“Is there an elephant in the room as we meet today?”  He thanked me for asking and we were able to easily talk about last week.  We agreed to talk through ahead of time these kinds of issues as they would arise.  He is new to his position as well as new to the profession of administration so he is tentative about taking these aggressive steps that sometimes must happen.  I assured him I was only there to help with all of this.

God is the God of the Universe but He is so intimate with us in all details of life.  I just love this about Him.  I had thought I’d be spending all of today’s afternoon dealing with what a simple phone call took care of and I didn’t even know the person who called knew about it.  I like to think that what I do is God’s Kingdom work.  When things happen like yesterday I know they are because God took care of them through His leadership.  I sure like working for Him!

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