The Journey Continues: Nov. 15, 2018

I started into Matthew today having finished the Old Testament.  Right at this point I got a call from my daughter needing me to help take one of my grandkids to school.  My daughter had a tire problem.  She went to the tire store and I went to the school with my granddaughter.  I think all is better at this point.  So now, onto the blog—-

Early in Matthew he talks about Christ’s birth and how Harrod wanted him dead.  I hadn’t thought much about this specific point but Joyce Meyer states just how much Christ, even as a child, was a threat to Satan, Harrod, and anyone who wanted to be in supreme power.  Destroying a child was no problem for them.  Harrod had all the babies killed from the ages of 2 and under.  I just had read this as Harrod’s threat, but it is easy to see and know how much Satan was threatened knowing God had sent Christ to us to redeem man from his sins–something man continued in failing to do.

As I had posted yesterday about sexual abuse and the difficulty of doing the lesson we covered last Tuesday night, I could all of a sudden see Satan’s involvement in all of the childhood sexual abuse.  Getting this going at such a young age often grips the child to such a point they will never find Christ-like freedom.  How Satan must rejoice in this disgusting, sinful sickness.

I am so very grateful God has allowed me to get the help I’ve needed and inspired me to help others.  Last Tuesday night one of the men in our group stated to me that maybe God saw my abuse as an opportunity for me to assist in getting our Celebrate Recovery going along with the present recovery groups.  I hadn’t thought about this.  All I know is that God uses all things to His Glory when we are willing to let Him.  God does take our bondage and turns it into freedom for us and help for others to find the same.  He is such a loving, generous Father!

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