The Journey Continues: Nov. 24, 2018

Thanksgiving is behind us, Thanksgiving evening shopping is behind us, Black Friday shopping is behind us.  Yes, we were active participants in all of this.  After the delicious dinner with family and friends the grandkids and adults got the ads together and made their Christmas lists.  Actually, my 2nd oldest grandson and I were able to complete everyone of the boys’ lists by early afternoon yesterday.  It is a good feeling knowng we got all of it done and all of it is within the “budget”!  Not sure how the girls did.  Kathy takes the girls and their lists while I take the boys and their lists.  There are six granddaughters and six grandsons so it is evenly split.

This morning I feel like I’m back on planet Earth once again.  As I was having my devotions I found myself being confronted with a message from the Blackaby’s devotional I use.  The message was saying God cannot use a double life (or doesn’t use one).  If one is saying they are “alive unto God–living for Him” but secretly living for self with private sins, etc., God will not profit their work.  We have to be sold out to God and all He puts before us if we are to truly see His Work come to life through the talents and capabilities He gives us. 

This message brought me right back to the recovery class I’ve journaled about many times of late.  It is so easy to “leave good enough alone” for one’s selfish reasons (sometimes fears).  This would be privately sinning when God is asking you to step out in Faith to live a freedom one doesn’t know as of yet.  He is challenging me to do this more than I have.  I think back three years ago when my book was just coming out and I thought my freedom was complete.  Now I can see where I need to take further steps.  Once I can see them I must either take the step and obey God’s leading or “call it good”.  I don’t want that to happen.  I want God’s work to flourish in my life and in any life my own testimony touches.  God is so patient, but He is also quite relentless!

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