The Journey Continues: Nov. 25, 2018

Today’s bible reading was Matthew 26.  I don’t usually stop with one chapter of reading, but in this chapter there was much I needed to read and reflect upon.  In this chapter Peter is being challenged by the message Christ gave him about his denial of Christ and the rooster crowing.  I’ve read and heard this so many times I have not a clue how many.  However, in reading it this morning following the day to day messages of my current walk with God, the chapter took on an entirely different meaning. 

Christ had told Peter and all the disciples about his crucifixion forthcoming and the need for this to come about once and for all.  He had also told them about the Gift He would be giving to each of them and to each of the followers from that point forward.  However, this message was all information which hadn’t become tangible.  When Peter saw Christ arrested, tormented, beaten and He did nothing, then where was this power He had?  Was He for real?  

For over two years now God has had me journaling to Him.  During this time He has not only proven Himself over and over to me as a Loving God, Promise Keeper, Kind Father and Almighty God, He has wanted me to turn my trust over to His counter-parts:  Christ and The Holy Spirit.  Christ seemed so helpless when He was crucified.  The Holy Spirit seemed so helpless when He was “living in me” and just remained silent.  I wonder if Peter was pondering all this helplessness that one night over 2,000 years ago? 

I do know all of this with Christ was fulfilling a much greater purpose, but at the moment of crisis in each of our lives, Christ often asks us to TRUST the plan we cannot see at the moment.  This morning I know God is asking me to now trust all of these characteristics of Himself to be as real and alive within His Son and His Holy Spirit.  When I hear God’s voice within it is The Holy Spirit.  When I feel the nudge it is The Holy Spirit.  Today my message was to join The Holy Spirit rather than asking Him to join me.  If I obey this message I will respond to His voice and nudges rather than asking Him to respond to mine.  In so doing, I am trusting there is no mistake in God’s Leading of my life.  I want to be one who leaves a legacy of Trust for these kids and grandkids of mine.  I want to choose to live in obedience and no other way.


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