The Journey continues: dec. 13, 2018

Well, the drama of the incident continues.  The unrest stirs within me but God is continuing to say the same thing,  “Be still and let Him do His work.”  I am not one who works well with identified strife left unattended but for some reason I am to leave this alone at the present. 

If I’m to set this incident aside and address what else is happening in life I’d say–All is well.  The work with the schools is making great progress now.  The things with family are going nicely.  Christmas is coming and our kids from Oklahoma will be here in less than 2 weeks–even Kathy comes home today!  Tonight is our Celebrate Recovery’s Christmas blessing night.  Each year at this time instead of a testimony or a lesson we use the large group time to read a scripture blessing over each attendee.  It has been something the leadership has wanted to continue each year.  I look forward to it.  Tonight is the first time I will be a participant in it and not leading the activity.  That’s a nice feeling.

God really is an amazing God.  His Words to Be Still are just what I need to be reminded.  As soon as I write them, say them in my head or say them out loud I sense a peace.  Only God can give this to us.  How I thank Him. 

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