The Journey Continues: Dec. 12, 2018

Yesterday I mentioned the calm before the storm.  Today I’m needing to use that statement again.  Yesterday started out to be a nice quiet morning for which I got caught up with several detail items I wanted to finish.  By noontime I was home and done.  I then got a call from one of our group leaders regarding a sudden death in their family so she would be unable to lead her group last night.  I got the group covered and then went to my grandson’s ballgame.  At the conclusion of it and while I was driving to church to unlock for our groups I got a call from another group leader’s spouse.  She wanted action taken against her husband I couldn’t support.  There were some small drama items at the beginning of group time which were quickly settled.  When I finally got home I received a text from the spouse greatly disturbed with my “lack of support” for her. 

This morning I needed to journal all of this and hear what God wanted me to know from Him.  In so doing I reread what He’d told me yesterday.  I had written, “…I know Satan’s ploys and ways.  His evil is riveting.  I will give Light which is to guide you in this present darkness.  Never lose sight of My Light.” 

The specifics of what drove yesterday’s drama I won’t share.  God knows it and today I sensed Him saying to now  let Him do His part.  I did mine.  I had called the pastor who oversees these ministries and He had already been informed of what I was addressing.  He concurred with the steps I took.  Now I need to let the rest go.  I find myself sensing emotions I haven’t felt in a long time.  God reminded me this morning that these emotions I have for being sensitive to people.  They are not to necessarily guide the steps but to motivate the need to take one.  Emotions and right choices are not necessarily from the same source. 

With all of this I just say, I am so grateful God is at the helm!  He is truly The Almighty God!

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