the journey continues: dec. 15, 2018

This morning’s devotional reading talked about God wanting us to practice justice, mercy and humility as we relate one to another.  It is amazing to read something like this and think, “I can do that.”  Then we get into our day and find out, “No, I can’t!  The circumstances just won’t allow me to be merciful or to apply justice (I want revenge) or to remain humble knowing I don’t need to handle this on my own so I can feel better.”  Releasing whatever the circumstances are to God’s leading will always be a better route. 

It was an interesting thing for me to read this passage this morning following the past few days where I’ve wanted to not show justice and be merciful–thus not showing humility.  The situation that had taken place last Tuesday is attached to a lot of history for me and, “I was done being merciful with this person.”  However, just as God is, He wasn’t done.  Today there is a meeting to work things through which God has orchestrated.  I have no idea what the outcome will be but I do know now that God is in control, it will be of His doing and not man’s. 

Yesterday I also attended the funeral of a friend’s mom.  This friend and spouse had been close friends several years ago.  During that time some things happened which caused me to pull away from them.  A breach of confidentiality and no ownership of it had me draw a line in the sand.  Connecting yesterday was a humble and merciful thing just as today’s devotional read.  I found myself yesterday wanting to give mercy and not judgment.  I hate to even admit these things are a part of my own humanness, yet they exist in me and likely in each one of us. 

Reading this message today was another great reminder or God’s patient endurance with me and us.  He is continuing to take this new creation and build it into His likeness.  I do have a long way to go and I can easily see the denial I have had in this area.  Thank you God for your love and patience. 

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