the journey continues: Dec. 16, 2018

Yesterday had a couple of alarming things take place.  It started as noon was approaching and we found out a couple who had been part of our Celebrate Recovery a few years back lost their 21 year old daughter in a car accident early yesterday morning.  After lunch I took time to drive to my grandson’s ballgame so he could leave when the game was done and we could spend a little time together.  All that went nicely.  As I got home and was ready for bed, Kathy came into the bedroom saying her younger brother was being taken to the hospital.  He’d had a heart attack.  It appears he’d had pain all day but didn’t want to say anything.  We still don’t know how severe, but tests were being done last night upon arrival.

During the night I had a perplexing dream.  I was working with a school district and teaching a class modeling for the teacher a couple strategies to use.  It was easy to get attached to the kids in the room while doing the instruction and I did in the dream.  Later in the dream the teacher and one of the students were going to be terminated from the district when I knew there was great hope for them.  The dream ended with me walking away feeling helpless not knowing what I was to do to change the mind of those in charge.  (In reality, I would have stood up to the decision makers telling them they were making a bold mistake but that wasn’t the outcome of the dream.)

In talking to God about all of this during my devotional time I found Him saying to “be still and I will know”.  The next four days have some important decisions being made for three districts I’ll be working with.   It seems I need to keep this message alive in my mind.  God is an amazing God!

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