BELIEVE–In the two chapters of John for this morning’s Bible reading, chapters 8 & 9, I continuously found the word believe.  Each time the word was being used it was connected to a miracle that took place.  Each time the miracle took place there were those who chose not to believe.  Jesus even told the blind man that he had come to judge the world and to separate the believers from the unbelievers.  Times are different for today as far as the culture of our nation goes, but what is still the same is the opportunity to believe what we know about Jesus Christ.  If we believe exactly what the Bible says, “He is the Savior of the world,” we will be saved.  If we choose to not believe this, we remain in the darkness He continues to identify in the Word. 

I have been a believer “in part” my entire life, starting at a young age.  But I have never until of late been a believe “in whole”.  I find myself being challenged as I read God’s Word these days to trust so many things around me which seem impossible.  God assures me they are impossible in the hands of man, however, He is God, not man, and nothing is impossible with Him.  Even as I write this I think of things which at the moment I need to release to Him for if I continue to dwell on them I will get discouraged.  I only see them through the lens of man’s work.  As I do release them into God’s Hands I see HOPE rising within.  I truly want to grow this discipline within me or better said, let God grow this discipline in me as I release my grip on things I cannot control. 

God is Amazing and He continues to be the Miracle Worker as I (each of us) surrender what we cannot control over to Him. 

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