I can only be amazed at God our Father.  His Word to us in the Bible is alive just as John tells in the beginning of his book.  This morning in my reading I came across the word chafed.  It was connected to Lazarus dying.  Lazarus was sick and his sisters Mary and Martha had sent word to Jesus that his dear friend was ill knowing Jesus could heal this sickness.  Instead, Jesus waited two days before coming.  When he did come Martha first greeted him and then told Mary Christ had arrived.  When Mary came to him several mourners came with her.  All of them were wailing over the loss of this loved one named Lazarus.  The scripture read that Jesus’ spirit was chafed.  It was then that the scripture says, “Jesus wept.”

I knew the word chafed but it seemed out of context being used here.  When I looked it up the meaning was:  being rubbed raw.  It was Jesus spirit that had been rubbed raw by the emotional out crying of love and support for Mary & Martha and the loss of their brother.  In this Jesus wept.  I’ve known for years that Jesus wept for this.  It was today however that God showed me Jesus didn’t just weep over this one close friend.  Christ has wept over and over as His spirit has been chafed by the gross hurt of sin and death His children suffer.  It is for this very reason God sent His Son to die and rise again so that our death would not be the end–however, it would be the beginning of life eternal with God our Father, His Son Jesus and His Holy Spirit who already dwells within us. 

I’m so touched by this amazing love God has for us (me)!  I want only for this new creation I am to believe each and every day and to act on each and every nudge God gives me. 

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