Today ends 2018.  I’ve already been to the airport and back taking my kids  so they can fly back to their home in Oklahoma.  The house is overly quiet right now especially compared to the last week.  I do love peace and quiet but I also have many fond memories to store from having all our kids and grandkids together for a week. 

As I’ve begun to reflect on this past year I start with the recovery classes being organized last January and the leadership potential being identified and trained.  Now that we are almost half way through our first year of conducting the classes I marvel how God has been working.  It is not with a large group of people, but the ones attending the classes are finding root causes for issues they’ve needed to address and they are addressing them!  Praise the Lord.  I myself am one of them–finding bits and pieces of lingering hurts and lingering habits which are being brought before God Himself.  This time it is God taking the lead in what to do with them.  No longer are these being hidden out of fear. 

I longed for the freedom I have today all of my life.  Little did I ever believe it would happen.  I longed for it and relented to the belief it would come when I died and found freedom in heaven.  Heaven on earth was something only sung about I thought.  Well, God is abundantly faithful to His Word for heaven on earth is possible when God is given the opportunity to lead our lives.  I have so much more to learn about this but I do love being where I am today with Him.  I’ve asked Him to show me what He wants me to know from Him about His Son Jesus and finding obedience like Jesus modeled.  I’ve also asked for God to awaken me to His Holy Spirit within so I can know God’s Will in each and every day.  How grateful I am for God my Father!

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