HAPPY NEW YEAR!  My new devotional is titled:  Being Still With God.  It is written by the Blackaby brothers who had written the one I just finished yesterday.  I like their writings and I appreciate their walk with God and how they write about it.  Today they started with my needed message which is all about never letting your past dictate your present or future.  God has a plan for each of us which will use that past of ours for His purposes.  We need to be still, trust and then obey Him as He leads us.  This is exactly what He has been doing for me throughout my life and today I am ready to take whatever next step He wants taken.  However, He doesn’t want me taking them from my own initiative.  He wants me waiting (being still and listening for His Holy Spirit’s voice) to know when the timing is right. 

I also started the book of Acts from my Bible this morning.  Acts was written by Luke, the author of the book of Luke.  I found it interesting that both books are written approximately 2 years apart.  The book of Luke was written almost 30 years after Christ’s resurrection and Acts was written 2 years later.  Acts starts with the disciples being told right before Christ’s ascension to wait for the empowerment of The Holy Spirit–to pray and wait.  This is what they were doing too.  There wasn’t a timeframe around the wait–just the command to do so. 

As I was journaling I was asking God about His Holy Spirit when all of a sudden I felt the nudge to not talk to The Holy Spirit as though He were a third party in the conversation, I just started journaling to Him.  It was as though I’d just met my new best friend!  I smile even as I write this for the warmth of this reality is very real.  Tomorrow I will write what He and I talked about, but for now, I just want everyone to know that no matter what is in our past, it does not ever need to block our present walk with God, Jesus and The Holy Spirit.  One of Satan’s biggest lies is that our past makes us unworthy of this Holy Team.  Well, I stand here and write this message declaring Satan a liar for I know first hand just how much This Holy Team has done to create this new creation I am full of love for THEM.   

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