This morning has been a sacred time with God and His Holy Spirit.  I have needed to open up about the mystery, confusion, I’ve had in my mind about God’s Holy Spirit.  The denomination I have been part all of my life does not condemn the filling of The Holy Spirit, but it does not stress it as important.  Some denominations belittle the topic and other denominations stress it.  Today I see all of this as Satan manipulating man confusing him as to what God’s Word says.  In Acts it says we are to be anointed with The Holy Spirit.  I know I have Him within me and now I want Him to be my control center as I said yesterday.  I don’t want to think of Him as mysterious or confusing and actually, this morning, I sense Him as a genuine Gift from God. 

I don’t know where any reader of this blog stands on the topic.  But, I challenge any reader to step out of any denominational wording and stick with the Words God gave us through Luke’s writings in Acts.  The work God’s disciples did once Christ arose was directly linked to their infilling of The Holy Spirit.  If we are to be the effective disciples of Christ Jesus today lets do it with The Holy Spirit’s anointing and with His infilling.  Otherwise, we will only be a voice of man.  I want to be a voice of God fulfilling His Kingdom Work which He has assigned for me.  Amen!

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