Today’s devotions had some clarifying and inspiring messages, one of which I needed to read and apply.  If you are anything like me you find The Holy Spirit somewhat as a mystery.  For God to be God of the Universe is good.  For Christ to be God’s Son and God’s way of showing man He is ultimately loving and interested in us is also good with me.  For God to give me (man) The Holy Spirit is wonderful, but I’ve always struggled with what this is actually like in real life–human life?  I’ve learned in recent years the home of The Holy Spirit is of course our body, but His operating home is our mind.  It is there He either controls us, inspires us, nudges us, etc.  This much I grasp.

Today’s bible reading is in Acts 8 & 9.  In chapter 9 Saul is confronted by a great Light–Jesus Christ Himself.  Later (three days) he is prayed for by Ananias and he receives The Holy Spirit.  Joyce Meyer writes something I needed to read about this.  She writes, “As a believer in Jesus you have the Holy Spirit, but does the Holy Spirit have you?  And, if He does, how much of you does He have?    It may be time for a complete surrender in your life.  Ask God to completely fill you with His Spirit and keep you ‘ever filled’ with the Spirit as Ephesians 5:18 teaches.”

Today I was able to read all of this with so much more clarity than I ever have before.  Knowing my mind is the home of The Holy Spirit–the throne for Christ Jesus makes me aware that what I surrender is all of my mind–my thoughts, my impulses, my actions/reactions.  God is wanting me to surrender all that I now know about this to Him so He is my control center and not me.  I can trust Him to do this relieving me of the need to “try” and do this.  He will do it.  This is my assignment for the day and for the rest of my life.  Praise God!

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