All of my life I’ve wanted to find the time and place where temptation is never going to haunt you and we will be strong enough to walk away from it no matter what it is.  I’ve realized this place is not going to be a place here on earth.  It is a place called heaven and our entrance there is death from here.  With this being known, I still find myself wishing it could be some other way.  Somehow I seem to have this strong desire to abandon humanness so I can live in the panacea of life without any sin or temptation.

Yesterday was a day back with the school district.  It was a very healthy day getting the administration together and finishing the work of the grant’s budget.  One of the admin had arrived early to the meeting giving him and me some time together.  It was a God moment for me.  He began to open up about his past employment and what had brought him to this present job.  Today I thank God for this time.  It opened the door for a much deeper conversation I’ve felt I needed to have with him but I had no tangible way of getting there.  Now I do.  He’s a bright, energetic young man with a great skill set for his job.  However, life has burned him and I had been noticing some characteristics in his day to day operational practices which told me he was “scared”.  Now I understand and can come along side of this.  God is really good–isn’t He! 

I’m headed back to the district today so we can finish the grant’s entirety.  Next week we will go through it with the community members and then it will be submitted.  Hallelujah!

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