It was fun to experience my journey connecting with someone else’s journey last night at Celebrate Recovery.  One of the guys I presently sponsor was telling me about his recent dream.  It was Wed. night that he’d had it.  It seemed, as I was listening to it, to be directly from God’s Holy Spirit.  I asked him if it had relevant meaning for him?  He instantly said it was connected to his recent relapse.  All of a sudden his eyes lit up and he said, “God is wanting me to know I cannot open the door to temptation like I recently did.  He is showing me how to walk away and Satan will flee.”  This took place during the dinner hour and he then shared this in share group.  His relapse had haunted him making him think there was no use in continuing with CR.  Now he sees the truth in this.  He has been sober for almost 10 months and he had one fall.  Prior to this he’d not been sober from his addiction for more than a day or so.  His journey is just like so many others and now he could see this.  We praised God together.  Our God is so GOOD!

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