This morning God had a message for me I sure wasn’t anticipating.  I wrote yesterday about the man who has had 3 ER visits.  He and his wife were at the funeral yesterday.  During the lunch following the service the wife asked about when we’d meet to talk about an intervention.  Her husband wasn’t present at the time.  Three of us set a date for next Tuesday to do this.  Another friend at the service was talking about his son who just got out of jail and is living with them.  The son is not looking for work saying he needs to talk to his probation officer to see when he can work.  It has been two weeks and the probation officer hasn’t contacted them so he’s saying he can’t get a job until he knows these facts. I know this situation well and I know a probation officer will work with a work schedule when healthy work is being done. 

This morning as I was journaling I asked God to help me know what I ought to do about the Tuesday meeting (it seemed too far away when the problem is right now), and what to say to the dad about his son (I thought I should call and give some insights).  God’s response was amazing.  He said, “When you are journaling each morning and ask me something, I tell you.  The means of this is you are journaling your question/s and then you journal my response.  You never doubt what I tell you here and you act on it as I direct.  During the remainder of the day when I nudge you, you question.  It is My Holy Spirit Who is talking to you no matter what time of the day, when you journal and when you get a nudge.  The difference is in your belief.  You believe when you are writing, you question when I nudge and you haven’t asked and aren’t writing.”

I was truly awakened to a connection of living as a new creation.  The new creation trusts throughout the day, not just when he is more assured as I am in the early morning.  I really want to grow my trust and response to it during the rest of the day.  Wow, God is so GOOD!

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