I missed out in writing yesterday’s blog.  I had to leave early to take some grandkids to their schools so their mom could go to any early doctor’s appointment.  By the time I got home I needed to get ready for the school district I was working with for the day.  Anyway, what I want to write this morning is directly connected to Wednesday’s entry.

Last night we had a couple new guys join our small, share group.  Most of us in the group are 50 or above in age.  These two men are both in their 20’s.  I was needing to share about what I’d written in Wed.’s blog.  It is not an easy thing to share but I needed to do this for my own sake if for no other reason.  Remember–confession is good for the soul!  After I had shared this and one of the young men did his own sharing, he said he appreciated my honest confession.  He could sense the Holy Spirit in the room.  I am always amazed how God uses the most shameful things in our lives to inspire others.  I know this and have seen it over and over but when it is about our own story and the toxic shame of it, I still am always amazed.

Today the quartet I’m in is singing for a funeral of one of our Celebrate Recovery men.  I wrote about his dying a couple weeks ago.  This week another one of our men was in the hospital for the third time in a year with heart issues.  He has had two heart attacks but this last time was some other organ acting out and causing similar pain.  He, like the one who passed, is an alcoholic.  He has 4 children all married and 3 grandkids with another on the way.  Everyone is concerned.  He had found 45 days of sobriety but this recent visit was due to a relapse the night before.  Everyone who knows all of this is deeply concerned but the statistics say only 10% of those who get treatment from an intervention pushed upon them will benefit.  95% of those who want to quit and have an intervention profit.  We are in prayer about what to do as he won’t return calls.  Enough on this but I’d sure appreciate your prayers. 

God is so GOOD.  This journey of life I am on and each of us are on, is so much richer and promising when God is at the helm.  I so want to keep Him there too.

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