I can hardly fathom sometimes the depth of God’s love for us (me).  He cares so much that we be whole in Him.  He never wastes one moment in bringing all things in our lives to have meaning about Him and me or Him and each one of us.  I write this because yesterday morning in the Sunday School class Kathy and I are attending, the teacher (our pastor’s wife) said some remarkable things which resonated to the depths of my soul. 

First of all, ahead of class I asked her about last week’s statement that the sins done to us when we are children are not ours.  I knew this in my mind but my belief system hadn’t dispelled them.  It was as though that statement last week was giving me permission to do the dispelling.  I asked her about this feeling and what do I do with it?  She simply said that The Holy Spirit was affirming Himself in me.  When He does this there are no real words to say, however, the depth of affirmation for HIM is what you know. 

This happened again yesterday in class.  The lesson was primarily focusing on Abraham and Sarah with the key focus on Abraham.  God told Abraham to ask Him to forgive the different ones in his life who had sinned against him.  This happened more than once.  A couple of them were when two different kings took Sarah as their wife not knowing she was already married.  Jerri, the teacher, said that God wants us to ask God to forgive the ones who have sinned against us just as He’d told Abraham to do.  We cannot receive the full blessings God has for us until we ask for the sin/s to be removed by His Forgiveness.  Once again, the depth of this message stirred my inner soul.  I had forgiven my dad, my brother, and any other, but I’d not asked God to forgive them.  I had thought that was their job.  However, there in scripture God tells Abraham to do this.  He also told Job to pray for the 3 friends who were misinforming him so He could forgive them, and then it says, Job was blessed.  This morning I asked God to forgive. 

God is so AMAZING!

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