The journey does continue.  Tonight we start a class lasting five weeks for anyone: family member, friend, neighbor who doesn’t know how to relate to someone choosing to live in the LBGT world.  Last fall we were ready to have a men’s class and a lady’s class supporting those wishing to step out of this lifestyle.  No men came and only one woman came.  The lady’s class is taking place but that’s all.  I knew God was wanting this to happen but I was puzzled by man’s response to this.  When we had begun to advertise the recovery offerings in classes there were scores of people inquiring about the one for LBGT.  I knew we’d have several come.  In reflection God began to point out to me who was inquiring about the class.  In every case it was those wanting to know how to support someone in this lifestyle. So, tonight this class begins.  I know several who have said they are coming.  I pray that this beginning will be the place God wanted us to start.  He is truly an amazing God.

In Romans Paul is writing that God is not interested in our works.  In fact when we do work of our own strength hoping it brings us closer to Him, it sickens Him.  I was reading about this realizing once again how long I’ve lived this way.  Only in the present am I awakening to the depth of this on my part.  I’d be bringing to God our Celebrate Recovery, our Recovery Classes, my singing and hoping they were good enough for God to find me worthy for Him.  In my own recovery class:  Mending the Soul, I’m becoming fully awake to the roots of unbelief which have kept me in this mindset.  Little by little God is helping me to let them go and replace them with TRUST and FAITH.  Moses was 80 years old when he was finally ready to follow God’s lead in faith.  Abraham was 99 when he was ready for God to give him Isaac out of sheer faith.  I’m 68 and just realizing what God was showing them about works vs faith.  Obedience to God’s leading is what this is all about.  The obedience is not about the work entailed in it but it is the act of obedience which is what God is wanting.  He takes care of the work portion. 

The class tonight is one of obedience.  Let God be glorified and may man find God’s insights as he comes.  To God be all Glory!

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